Demon of Burnaby Chapter 5 [FINAL]

“I…. I think we should have expected that, from a Demon’s sister….” stated Kei.

Blanche grabbed Sei who did not move. He was not even breathing or answering.

– “We need to bring him to the hospital.” said Kei.

– “There is no time for this. I need to do the CPR!” shouted Blanche

Her evil plan is working.

– “You just want to kiss him.” stated Ellei, “Show some decency. He needs a hospital.”

– “Wait, somebody need to help Sei’s sister. We are not sure if she is as strong as Sei but we can’t take the risk.”

– “Kei, take him, you are useless right now anyway.” said Ellei as these words pierced through his heart.

– “Then leave me Bikram,  I am going to make him pay together with my sister-in-law.” said Blanche.

While Kei carried Sei outside, Ellei cleared the path from the few villains that were here.

– “Are you really letting a girl fight for you, pussycat?” yelled the villains.

– “She is still kicking your ass!” shouted Kei back.

He accidentally dropped Sei

Blanche went after Sei’s sister and saw Bikram putting some distance with his sword. He was failing miserable without the element of surprise.

– “If it isn’t my sister-in-law.”

She knocked the blade away but was cut by a small knife. Bikram kicked her at her stomach.

She knocks against a wall and lands, unconscious. Bikram walks towards her.

– “Tch, who would have thought that his sneak attack would have worked.” said Bikram.

He picks her up by the hairs who slowly woke up.


– “I guess I will be fine with this compensation?”

Two small arms wrapped his stomach and pulled him backwards

She smacked his head against the ground and fell unconscious. Blanche grabbed her.

– “She is just asleep…”

Kei arrived outside and finished a phone call.

– “The police is going to be here soon too.” said Kei.

– “A school President being in a mugger’s fight… what are you going to do about it?.” asked Sei

– “Who cares?” said Kei, “I can quit as President but I can’t leave a friend behind”


A few hours later we were all at the hospital, there was no death but there was one thing that annoyed Sei.

– “Get out of here already!!” said Kei in the hospital.


Sei’s room was filled with Ellei, Sei, Blanche and Sei’s sister.

Blanche and Sei’s sister were fighting over Sei.



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