Demon of Burnaby – Chapter 4


After a few punches, Sei, tied, fell on the floor..

– “This guy was a real scare cat. He talked way too quickly!” said one of the men as he laughed.

He approached Sei.

– “Your friend told us everything about you.” said the young man

He added

– “You have a lot of money, a mother and a little sister. So, listen carefully, you are gonna give us all your money every week. Else, you can say your prayers to your little family.”

– “Were you filming this?!” asked one of them

Sei was kicked and was grabbed – covered with bruises and bleeding, he could not move. However instead of begging for help, he grabbed the hand that was holding him.

That night, what was filmed was not a middle school student fighting for his life; it was rather a beast who fought out of rage – breaking theirs bones and slashing apart. With his monstrous strength and speed, he just went towards them and threw them as hardly as possible against he wall or would just punch them until they would not respond.

Only one of them survived, which resulted in the video being online and gangs chasing him. AND THIS IS HOW YOU THANK ME? I helped you to survive and you just flee to another city without properly thanking me?


Everyone watched Bikram as he was going crazy

Out of the blue, he was kicked, rock hard, by an unidentified person who appeared in front of the hostages and knocked out the guys holding them.

– “Sei, I missed you” said Blanche, her hands on her hips and sulking.

– “You already have a girlfriend. You should at least tell this to your friend!!” said Kei, getting emotional.

– “Watch out! She is just like that crazy kid!” shouted one of the men as they all moved towards Blanche.

– “Don’t worry. I don’t hold back – compared to Sei.” asked Blanche

Sei was still trying to free himself out of the forklifts.

– “I did not want to do it but you leave me no choice.” said Bikram.

He clapped his hand.

A man brought an agitating shadow, they both moved into the light of the abandoned building to be revealed as a young girl – a few years younger than Sei: wearing an middle school uniform and long hairs. She was mouth folded and tied, just like Kei and Ellei.

– “If you accept..” said Bikram.

– “Are you an idiot?” whispered Blanche as she facepalmed.

On the sight of his little sister’s bruises. Sei’s anger showed itself and became denser, his human form changed to something darker.

– “D-Don’t you dare…” shouted Sei.

He blew apart the machines that was blocking him within a few seconds and moved towards the guy who was holding his sister. They fled in fear while the sister was scared too, she was not the only one.

It took him a single clean hit on everybody who was reckless enough to fight him. Making sure to dodge each attack, he hit back at the face or slammed them to the ground or the nearest object


Bikram removed a gun and fired to Sei.

– “Dammit. What’s with him?” panicked Bikram.

Sei protected his sister by taking the bullets. On his knees, he still stood up took her sister and dropped her quickly near Ellei and then headed back to Bikram.

His body damaged, was ready to fight even more rather than going down. He kept moving forwards being sure that his friends and his sister were not hurt.

Sei arrived in front of Bikram who was out of bullet.  He stepped back and fell on the ground, the demon of Burnaby indeed became a demon. He grabbed Bikram by the throat and started to press it.

– “Stop! Sei, if you do it, how do you want people to treat you normal. You have to be more than him!” shouted Kei

– “Why should I be more worth than him?” said Sei, “I kill people just like him.”

– “Because that’s how you get friends.” answered Kei

– “Since when does killing mafia bosses get you friends?” added Ellei.

– “Well, I am his tentative girlfriend-to-be and he rarely listens to me.” whispers Blanche, sulking again.

– ““Do you really want to do that in front of your sister?” asked Kei

– “As long as she is safe…” answered Sei.


– “Look, I don’t care if an idiot betrayed you, you sis-con. I am watching your back as your friend.” added Kei


Sei turned back and released Bikram. He walked slowly to Kei.

– “Says the guy who can’t fight. You just made him more angry.” said Ellei

Ellei stood between Sei and Kei.

– “ Helping would be great!” stated Kei

– “Did you just said sis-con?” whispered Blanche.

Blanche stood up towards Ellei.

– “Don’t you dare touch him.” said Blanche seriously.


– “Is it my brother?” asked a little voice, scared.

Sei did not want to look back at her little sister who was trying to stand up.

– “I have been with you a long time. Don’t be scared to show it to her.” said Blanche

The demon suddenly hesitated. He was weak and suddenly fell as Blanche held him midway. He slowly turned human.

– “All this time…” thought Sei recalling his past, “I was trying to fight alone…”



“Why are you running away from them?” asked the younger Blanche was Sei was hiding under a bridge.

– “I heard something!” shouted a voice.

The younger Sei held the hand of the younger Blanche and ran away.

– “It would seem that fugitive 002 and 003 escaped us??” asked one of the men at the side of the bridge.

– “You better find my son quickly.” said a man. He was dressed as a scientist.

After arriving in the middle of the streets Blanche asked:

– “Were they your friends?”

– “I don’t think that it looked like it. Does people need to have friends anyway? ” asked Sei 

 Blanche looked at him back, her eyes were in tears.

– “I will always be here for you then!!” cried Blanche,”That is the saddest thing I have heard…”

(Back to the present)


– “And she has been always been at my side, all the time.” thought Sei, looking at Blanche.


His face went pale; Bikram remove a thin blade out of Sei’s back.

– “If I can’t have out, then no one will.” said Bikram

He put the sword back in his cane and added.

– “I wish I never used this sword. Now, Blanche, I hope you will cooperate.”


Out of rage, Blanche tightened her fist and was ready to punch Bikram but it was someone else who kicked Bikram’s face. Rolling on the ground. He stood up with a broken nose and some missing teeth.




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