Demon of Burnaby – Chapter 3

They both turned back and saw the nurse. Sei hesitated.

– “I was asked to give you this address.” said the nurse.

– “… why?” asked Sei. What brought the nurse here? It was a bad coincidence.

– “Well, your friends are waiting for you there. Bikram said that you could guess the situation if I used his name.” said the nurse.


Sei snapped out but Blanche held him back.

– “What did you do!?” said Sei.

– “Calm down. I am just the messenger.” said the nurse. She came close and held his hand.

She went back, as quietly as she came in. Sei opened his hand and open the paper that he received from her.

(Later on…)

In front of the door of an abandoned building, an old guy was smoking peacefully. Sei appeared behind him and swiftly knocked him down. He dragged him a corner.

As he peeked at the door, he was blown away by the attack of two huge thugs.

– “Oh please! Did you seriously think that it was going to work?” asked one of the men, with a white costume and a cane in his hand. His long hairs were tied on his back and had a slim but respectful mustache.

Sei tried to stand up but the two huge henchmen were pining him down. The man kicked his face.

– “Your friends joined us quietly…” said the man in the white suit, “Don’t be the rude one…”

Sei was pulled up so that he could stand up. Two other men brought Sei’s new friends from the shadows.

– “If you accept..” said Bikram.

– “I am not here to save them.” said Sei

Sei pushed the henchmen back and stepped in to punch the kidnappers who held Kei and Ellei.

He stepped back and kicked the other one. The kick was blocked by the arm but Sei used the momentum to twist his body and put his leg on the other shoulder. Using the force of his legs, he put his hands on the ground and pulled the kidnapper, sending him flying to a wall.

– “Trying to play the hero?” said the guy in the white costume, “That’s not like you,”

Bikram signed his men to step back.


Sei remove  the rope of Ellei and the tape on their mouth.

– “I hope that you can get out of here. I have to talk to them.”

– “We are not leaving without you!” shouted Kei.

Sei put the tape back on and said to Ellei.

– “Then, you carry him.”

– “I’m not carrying anyone!” said Ellei losing her composure.

However, Sei turned back and faced the white costumed devil.

-”So, you wanted to speak with me, Bikram?” said Sei as he started to talk.

– “Me? Not really…Just kidding… You really did a good job in Burnaby..” said Bikram.

– “Come to the point.” said Sei

– “hmm? Patience was never something you learnt.” stated Bikram, “Well, I want you to come back with us.”

– “No…” replied Sei

– “I thought you might say this, that’s why…” said Bikram, “I took your friends, you really think that you can lead a normal life. Forget it. That is just an impossible thing for you. That monstrous strength of yours…”

Bikram glanced at the two students whom he kidnapped.

– “I bet you want to know more about him.” said Bikram.

With one hand, Sei grabbed Bikram’s throat.

– “I thought you might come to this.” said Bikram

Bikram lifted his right hand as two forklifts busted out of two boxes and blocked Sei from moving. Bikram just stepped back unhurt.

A few men grabbed the two captives and brought them to Bikram.

– “You are nothing without me!” said Bikram

He turned to Kei and Ellei

“Ladies and gentleman, I am going to tell you the story of the origin of the demon of Burnaby.”

– “Oh sweet a story.” said a fat guy with small round sunglasses.

– “Shut up, idiot” said another man.

 Sei Kurono once was a normal student. He was once the member of the basketball team of his school and made many friends. However, you see,  Burnaby isnt a city where you can stay out of trouble for long. I know that, since I am one of the people responsible for it.

In the empty downtown of Burnaby, two men were running in a dark alley. The younger Sei and one of his friends were running to get home. It was 8 o’clock and they just came from a long training. Their team shirt was still under his school uniform and they were still sweating.

– “Hurry up Chris or we are gonna miss the last train!” shouted the younger Sei who had the lead.

– “We were training for 4 hours, I can’t go faster!” shouted Chris 

Out of the shadows, a man suddenly grabbed Chris and twisted his arm behind him. He quickly put a knife on his neck.

Sei immediately responded as he did not heard the footsteps of his friends..

– “Chris ?” said Sei as he turned back.

Several men joined the deserted street.

– “Fresh meat, guys!” said one of them.

– “I knew it was a bad idea to take this shortcut” thought Chris , trembling of fear.

There were 5 men in total who surrounded the students.

– “We can either do this the hard way or the soft way, kid.” said one of them.


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