Demon of Burnaby – Chapter 2

The guys from the previous fight were being treated by the nurse who were in a far worse state that Kei: thick bandages and swollen areas.

– “If you can talk, I think you can go to class now!” said the nurse

She went to answer the phone, “…yes, seems that you will need to take these two with you….”

– “Thank you for the information.” said the voice at the phone.

(Recall of the fight)

“… and I am not bad either.” stated Kei

The last year student came to grabbed Kei’s collar and threw him. Falling on the ground after the first hit, he is unable to fight back. He crawled and slapped Sei’s hand.

– “Switch!” shouted Kei as he rolled behind Ellei.

The last year student was ready to fight.

– “Let’s confirm the rumors.” affirmed the other student as he grabbed Sei’s leg.

(End of Recall)

(After School)

Sei prepared himself to head home. Sei looked at Kei’s desk and noticed that he still did not come back from the nurse’s office. He looked through the window and noticed that it started to rain, he put his hand against the window and recalled his past:

The younger Sei, running under the rain, his silver hair and green raincoat were fleeing from thugs who were armed and ready to beat him up. He jumped over the fences and slipped across alleys but finally came to an impasse where three walls prevented him from moving on. His only way out was blocked by his pursuers. He turned back and noticed that they were at four – far too much for a young teenager.

– “A kid of this size, seriously?” shouted one of them, moving his metal rod around.

– “Don’t underestimate him. We need to make him pay what he did to our comrades.” said the other one as he licked his knife.

– “Then they didn’t have to kill this dog!” shouted the young man

– “You have been playing the hero for a few months now. It ends NOW!” yelled the man, pointing his knife to him. The other thugs ran towards him.

With one hit of the knee, he countered his opponent’s move which landed directly at his face. His speed was far too much too handle. The three of them came at him at once but he dodged them one after the other. Rather than martial art, his moves were more like one of an animal

Armed with a baseball bat while the other picked up the metal rod left by his partner, they both swung it around him, though unable to touch him. A third one joined in, trying to gaze him even the sightless but Sei just headbutted him and kicked the one armed with a baseball bat, while safely dodging the metal rod.

It did not took him long to move one and put his hoodie back, which was removed by the fight. The winner of the fight ran away as he heard more coming.

Back to the present, Sei left the classroom for home and while on his way in the corridor, heard a few guys talking.

– “Did you see that girl at the entrance?” asked one of the student.

– “Yeah, she is really cute! Did you see – she wears a uniform? She must not be from around here, thats for sure!” said the other student.

Sei glanced at the main gate and saw a girl younger than him with short hairs and immediately hid behind the walls, he immediately started sweating. The girl looked around under her umbrella for someone while the other students were leaving for home.

He walked quickly downstairs when the girl suddenly appeared at the corner.

– “Hey.” said the girl

– “Hey.” replied Sei. He was just like a robber who didn’t manage to flee the police.

– “Hasn’t it been a long time since we met?” asked the girl.

– “It has…” answered Sei

– “You did not even told me that you moved.” affirmed the girl.


– “Look, Blanche. I came here because of my mother. Sorry i-” said Sei when he was interrupted.

– “Well, in any ways, I am going to transfer here!” said the young girl who seem to be named Blanche as she smiled.

– “Now, bring me on a date! Just like we used to.” added Blanche


Sei sighed.


– “Oh! I forgot to tell you. I saw Bickram while coming here.” said Blanche.

– “Bikram, here?”  asked Sei, “Where?!”

He tightened his fist – it was of anger.

– “I d-dont know…” said Blanche as Sei grabbed her shoulder, “Sei, you are hurting me.”

Sei released Blanche.

– “Sorry. It is just that there is nothing good if he is around.” said Sei


Sei grabbed Blanche’s hand and said.

– “This is bad, stay close to me.”

– “I did not know you were so daring…” said Blanche as she put her hand on her cheek.

– “I just hope that I am wrong.” thought Sei as he started walking.

– “Wait a second.” said a voice.


They both turned back and saw the nurse. Sei hesitated.

– “I was asked to give you this address.” said the nurse.


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