Demon of Burnaby – Chapter 1

Author note: (In the memories of Blanche.)

A young man waited in the corner of a school.

– “Childhood, I bet that most of us did a lot of foolish things that we are not really proud of…” thought a young man

The school standards had no uniform, so with his rolled sleeves jacket, he waited to be called in by the teacher.

– “.. but there are also some of us who were fighting.”

(Recalls brief fight where he punches someone while knocking back people behind him.)

– “You can come in!” shouted the teacher’s voice from the classroom.

The young man opened the door and walked inside the classroom without any tension. His backpack on the right shoulder, he came in front of the class and took a chalk with which he wrote his name.

– “My name is Sei Sukkaux and I transferred from Burnaby. I hope to get along with everyone.” said the young man who stood up in front of sudden whispers.

– “Quiet everyone!” said the teacher, he then pointed to a student at the back right corner, “Okay, there is already a seat prepared for you near Kei who is going to guide you for your first day.”

“Yo!” said Kei as the transfer student walked by and took seat – he was completely ignored.

[Lunch Time]

Sei took a sandwich out of his backpack and continued by unfolding the wrap. By now, many of the students we’re talking about him, but he was already used to it

– “Did you hear about him?” mentioned one of the whispers.

– “Don’t mind them.” stated Kei who turned his chair towards Sei and took out his sandwich too, “I hope you don’t mind if I join in.”

– “In fact, I do.” replied Sei.

– “Ah, don’t be shy!” exclaimed Kei, with a carefree smile.

– “…”

– “So, you are from Burnaby?” asked Kei as he started to eat.

– “So, here it is…” thought Sei.

– “There are a strange rumor coming from this city…” said Kei.

– “…The Demon Of Burnaby?” added Sei.

– “Pretty interesting urban legend, isn’t it? said Kei as he opened a can and begins to drink.

The Demon Of Burnaby – A title given given to a rumored child who is said to have killed several gang members in the city of Burnaby. Even the police are unable to stop its inhuman strength and speed.

The fact that made the story even more popular is the fact that it has been recorded and posted online.

Sei almost finished eating my lunch when a young girl suddenly came into the classroom and walked to Kei. Out of breath, she said:

– “We have a problem!…. T-They are at it again!”

The three of them walked downstairs with the girl in lead.

– “Why am I with them?” sighed Sei.

We arrived at the guy’s bathroom and the girl didn’t hesitate to enter.

– “Is it really fine?” thought Sei, again.

With the sight of the girl inside, a student ran away,

– “Vice-President?” shouted the guy as he continued down the hall.

We finally saw the reason that incited them to come here: two last year and a first year students. The first year student fled when seeing us. He probably didn’t want to get into troubles but this toilet did not smell bad.

– “Oy! What’s with you Prez? Vice-Prez is a girl and you bring her here?” shouted one of the students while the other threw something in the toilet and flushed it.

– “This is a special situation, I’m bringing you to the teacher’s office as well.” said Kei calmly as he adjusted his glasses.

– “Really?” said the student as he ran towards Kei to punch him fiercely. While he rushed to Kei, the “vice-president” kicked him on his stepping leg. Unbalanced, he fell first towards Kei who stepped aside.

– “Well, having Ellei with us as well as the new transfer student from Burnaby. Do you really want to fight?” asked Kei as he removed his glasses and put it on his hairs, “ and I am not too bad either.”

[Later at the nurse’s office]

– “I really did not expected that to happen” said Kei.

Ellei was cleaning and covering his face, which was covered in brusies with a thin bandage

– “You should not have provoked them. You suck at fighting.” said Ellei

She emotionlessly which deeply hurt Kei.

– “You only brought me with you because of the rumors, didnt you?” asked Sei.

– “Why not? At least it helped rather than being a burden.” replied Kei.

Sei left the room. He hesitated as Kei said:

– “Listen. Instead of fighting, better accept it. There is no way to clean yourself anyway, green eyes, grey hairs and mysteriously transferring from Burnaby in the middle of the semester. It is totally obvious. Better use it for the better.”


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