Moving out was a success!

Remember that time when you were pushing your work for the next day and you were giving excuses? We all went through it however only the ones that didn’t make excuses succeeded. I finally got out of this small basement and right now I am in a nice apartment with enough space for me to actually move around and not feel trapped.

I have to admit that moving out actually showed me how unprepared I was. I am currently on working on the 2nd chapter of Black Pulse which I think I might or might not change the name. The reason is simple, I don’t want people to assimilate it to other things than this manga. On the other side, I have never thought that I wouldn’t know what to write, this chapter was supposed to explore more the world that I created but we have all seen a series about multiple “meta-humans” so I want to bring something new to the table but what?

To bring Black Pulse more to life, I am planning to take a few kendo classes.