Love story of an elf and a dead man.

Emrys got up from her meditation and peaked at the room next door to find it open and empty – Ayson still wasn’t back from the tavern up in Kraghammer. She had teamed up with this Witcher as they were both looking for a Banshee. Emrys wanted answers and this brute wanted her death. Somehow, they banded together. She sighed and stretched before searching her bag for her spellbook and her quill – it was still early and they may come useful in their journey or to earn a few coins. After what seemed like an hour, Emrys had successfully transcribed a new spell into her spellbook. Her back was sore from the uncomfortable chair that she was provided at this modest inn.

As she rubbed her neck, a slight breeze blew by her earlobe, followed by a kiss. She turned back with her fist in fire but her wrist was immediately grabbed.

– “You know, last time someone looked at me like that, I got laid.” Said a male voice. The man in leather had grabbed Emrys’ wrist and had the other hand on her waist while smiling at her.

– “I know you are glaring at me but it doesn’t suit you.” Emrys uses her other hand to cast a lighting shock and pushed him away, landing on her bed.

– “You could have let me undress first.” Emrys sighed.

– “Are you still drunk, hairless horny ape?”

Ayson stepped out of her bed

– “I sure can count on you to wake me up.” He brushed off the smoke coming out of his head.

– “I am starting to think it was a bad idea and I should have went alone…” said Emrys to herself while packing her calligraphy supplies along with her new spell scroll.

– “Sure. We can part way but the swamp is known for the rats and giant spiders.” Smirked Ayson. Emrys immediately shudders, she fought dragons and evil mages but the idea of fighting rats and spiders gave her goosebumps.

– “I had a feeling that you thought I was going to be your stable boy or a knight, guiding your horse while avoiding them.”

– “Don’t get the wrong idea, I am sure there is a reason you need me as well. A wizard with the strongest attack spell…!” Said Emrys, tossing her hair casually. Gently caressing her jawline from her neck up to her lip, Ayson gets punched into the rib. He stands up, looks at the blonde high elf who took a defensive move.

– “I fell for you the moment I saw you chugging that barrel of ale.”

They left a few hours later to investigate the whereabouts of the banshee. They had followed leads that she was not far from this town. She had been known to hide her true nature and take the face of a young maiden, luring men into the wood and feasting on them.
– “I know from the Witcher lore that it is just bull.”
– “You think that they are covering for them?” asked Emrys taking a bite of her rations.
They had hit a wall.
They were in the tavern after a day of asking around. They couldn’t make head or tail about the information that they were given, some of them did not fit together.
– “We can figure out tomorrow. For now, let’s get drunk!” said Ayson, closing his bestiary book and putting it under his cloak
– “I am surprised you can even read. Aren’t the type that just trust his guts?”
– “My guts?”
One of the barmaids proceeds to serve a cold plate of pork.
– “So much for hospitality.” Responds Emrys, sipping on her wine.
Ayson lights up the pork plate giving up a fine crisp finish which perplexes Emrys.
– “I like my food a little more cooked but this kind of hospitality isn’t unusual.” He was about to take a bit when Emrys asked
– “A magic user? You weren’t going to tell me you know the fine arts of Arcana?”
– “So, now I am not a brute?”
– “Still a hairless ape though.”
They both smirked and Ayson ordered more of the wine that Emrys was having.
– “I am not one for elvish wine.” Said Ayson as he coughs on his first sip, “It is surprisingly dry.”
– “You will get used to it.”
Ayson smiled. They talked as if they were old friends at a reunion.
– “And this is surprisingly strong. It does not have an immediate kick.”
– “Right? Plus, this is the elvish ones which mean that I am actually getting drunk.”
Emrys bite the bottom of her lips and notices that she went from sitting in across him to next to him, her hand on his thigh. He did the same and they kissed.