BT13 – Chapter 1

Crow is a private international agency, even though being a quite famous in terms of solving disappearance case, it has always had a small staff – so that we can regulate the flow of information. Whether it was a matter of a rich kid or an old man, all the detectives working here were remarkable.

However, in this world honor is not everything, almost all our finest men has moved towards other more famous agency, personal interest has owned passion. Only a few man are now left in ‘Crow’ and Shane Coe being the only freshman. For the years that I have worked in the ‘Crow’ agency, I have never worked with such a person like Shane Coe. This freshman from the University has just arrived a few weeks ago and has already solved the multiple small cases that he was assigned. Our superiors have however found it really interesting to team up the rookie with the oldest agent. I, Jonathan W, was designated as his team-mate but also as his superior. He had quite physical abilities but his strength resided in his what I would rather call his ‘luck’. I would have to admit however that he was really intelligent but his luck is his ability to find the evidence that will turn over the case. 

I would like to make something clear in this diary that this ‘luck’ isn’t normal and but his arrogance takes new levels. It has been for me a great honor to have worked in Crow for 10 years but when I see now the empty desks in this building, it tears me apart. I know that now a detective’s job is rare however, this world is not white of sins.

Day 92:

Shane always use to sleep on his desk in the middle of many papers whenever he is not working. Since we share the same office, I can tell that in these few weeks, he has rather a unique lifestyle. He doesn’t have any family or friends in Vancouver, for I assume that his family lives overseas or in another province. He comes every day at work in time with a coffee in hand and his suitcase in the other.

Not really talkative and always in front of the computer, I did not had the chance to speak with him more personally until the Oct. 29 1992 where we were assigned a mysterious or rather unusual case in which 3 persons were dead. Even though, the persons share a separate lifestyle, their death is assumed to be from the same virus.

The police having abandoned the case, unable to find any proof of use of a virus, ‘Crow’ had to take over since the daughter, Miss Merry, of one of the victims requested our services. We met her for the first time in the living room, she had around of the same as Shane.

o   “Good Afternoon, my name is Jonathan and here is my partner Shane. We have been assigned to the case.” I said as with a light handshake, I noticed her makeup – for someone of her age, there was rather much.

o   “Good Afternoon, my name is Merry.” said the daughter.

o   “I read the report, I know who you are. Let us look directly at the situation, seems that your father was not the only one who has face this kind of death. It was surely not natural.” said Shane as he glanced at a few papers more papers that he brought along with him. “Do you have anything to concede in your father’s belief; cults, alchemists, black market or even something out of ordinary?”

Under the shock of the speech of my partner, Miss Merry stayed speechless, unable to utter a single word.

o   “Wait. Shane.”

o   “Anyway, from what we have learned from the corpse, the DNA testified that it was him. However, for the state of the body, it is really fascinating and yet really dreadful. To use that kind of drug or whatever it was, against someone. The people who had some grudge against your father must have used all his means. Probably meaning that he was involving into something to have enemies. Yet what kind of stuff?”

Swallowing back the shock, she talked back to Mr. Coe.

o   “Didn’t you include the possibility that he was murdered for other purposes? My father is respected . ” shouted the lady as he stood up.

o   “You mean ‘was’.  That is  interesting, the daughter takes the speech. Well tell us more about your father. You must really be proud of him – didn’t he prevent the selling of his museum three times?” asked Mr. Coe as she grabbed the hands of the lady creepily, “Maybe that builds up enemies?”

o   “Maybe…” I uttered

She left the room in tears and I stood up.

o   “Really. You might be called a genius but with persons and specially girls. You are such a jerk.” I said as I put my hand on his shoulder as he bowed his head.

o   “Who cares? I obtained what I needed.”

o   “And what was it?”

o   “In my last sentence, I stated about the museum that his father was the director and yet no response on her face.”

o   “Maybe that’s because someone was asking unrelated question? We are trying to help but we might get sued for sexual harrassment” I stood speechless

o   “Chill, she was not lying. I was having a look at her pupils.” said Shane as he left the room with his coat.

o   “You are going to the museum?” I asked as I grabbed my coat and joined him.

o   “I can see that you read into my mind.” he said, arrogantly.

o   “There is actual paperwork before we are allowed to do that. Not to add that you just scared our client.”

o   “I live that to you, partner! Meanwhile, I will be waiting for you in the car”

We arrived in the ‘Museum of Schaum’ and he got out of my car.

o   “We finally got here. ” said Shane as he entered

o   “You could have taken the bus.” I added

“I wonder what he is up to.” I thought as I lead the way inside with a vigil of the museum who lead us to the crime zone.

o   “Everything has been removed. I doubt that it might help.” said the vigil, perplexed by our presence, “They even had quarantined the building for a few months but did not find anything.”

o   “So, it closed down for months, eh?” said Shane.

o   “The director’s office is just here.”

Without even listening the vigil he stared at the hallway without moving. His right hand against his chin and his left hand grabbing his coat. There was no one except us here and the silence dominated our fears.

o   “Fine, let’s go!” whispered Shane as we got back.

I thanked the vigil and return to my car where Shane was waiting for me. He was speechless.

o   “Finally dominated? You barely had a look.” I said as I started the car.

o   “No. Perplexed and Interested. These are the words.” said Shane

He took out his phone and called.

o   “I am calling Maxie….” he said as he dialed the number, “I need to see all the objects related to the Schaum Case.”

o   “Who named it?”

o   “I did,”

We arrived at the Office where 3 large boxes were in our office.

o   “Fantastic!” said Shane as he closed the door and started to study all the documents.

I went to Maxie’s office who was actually our superior and acknowledged the arrival of the documents. As I went back to the office, Shane in the middle of thousand of testimonials. I glanced at his table and saw an old pocket-watch.

o   “How can I help?” I asked.

o   “Don’t take it bad. You already helped a lot with assisting me. Even though you are my superior, I feel bad that I should be the one at work. I have read the report concerning me.” said Shane as he read the testimonials.

o   “Really? It’s a private one.” I said perplexed as he does not have the authority to read it.

o   “I broke into the secret files on the server. There is a lot of interesting over there.” he answered with a monotonous voice.

o   “That’s illegal.” I asked, “Can you at least tell me why?”.

o   “Sorry about that. Why am I the only rookie being ‘studied’? You even followed me after work.” he added frustrated.

o   “…” I stared at him, “Orders”.

o   “You know what it’s fine. There is a box full of objects that was on the second dead persons when they were discovered. Can you make the inventory?” he asked.

o   “Fine.” I answered, “These murder cases aren’t as similar as finding missing or finding who is cheating on who, get it.”

o   “I believe I do.” affirmed Shane, “Don’t forget that you got someone who did a dissertation on assassination.”

At the middle of the night, Shane left. My orders being to keep track of him, I followed him.  He walked down the street in his coat with a hat to hide his face. At 10.00 pm, he waited for the train  and therefore I lit a cigarette as I was standing further behind him.

He entered the train and I followed him. As I get inside, I looked for him but I say him, staring at me, outside the train and waving his hand at me as means of good-bye. He turned back as the train continued his way.

o   “Crap! When did he go out the train?” I thought.

The train traveled a bit further and exploded in fire.

Author’s note: I am trying to use some fancy English here.


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