Black Pulse – Chapter 2

– “You would understand that after this, we can’t go back.” said Black Pulse.

The lady that was standing in front of her used to protect Black Pulse’ back.

– “Bro, don’t worry. We are clearly stronger than her, head-on.” said Jacques.

– “I don’t think she plans to fight head-on.” thought Black Pulse.

She removed her two pistols and charged towards us.

– “She is not hesitating even though we got her friend..” said Joseph.

Black Pulse threw the assassin behind plants and charged towards the enemy, avoiding the shots.

– “Rather than that, I think she is trying to get rid of him.” thought Black Pulse, “that is not surprising.

She was not going down easily, even after Black Pulse kept hitting her. She made sure to dodge them as much as possible. With a powerful elbow shot, he managed to overpower her and grabbed his sword but hesitated for a split of a second. That was enough time for her to aim perfectly at the assassin who still couldn’t move..

He unsheathed his sword and pierced her shoulder.

– “You stay right here.”

Black Pulse walked towards the assassin. While she was trying to removed the sword. She was stuck.

– “Sleep for now.” said Black Pulse, placing his hand on her head.”

– “It’s okay, bro. It is not your fault.”

– “Shut-up.”

– “We can still scrap…”

– “I said shut-up and get out of my head.”

He tossed the gauntlet away and looked at the corpse of the assassin who was shot at the head. There is barely information that could be scrapped from this body.

– “Half an hour earlier you save me, now you are trying to kill me. How crazy are you?” shouted Black Pulse who removed his sword.

Kaychi was still sleeping.

Jacques was sitting in a room surrounded by an interface.

– “I know that he did not want to kill her but I have never seen him hesitate before…”

While sipping on his drink, he left the small room while the live footage on the mansion’s attack was replaying.

Sylvain and Jacques walked towards their Father’s office.

– “What do you think happened?” asked Jacques.

– “Maybe he died.” said Sylvain.

– “That dark humor of yours is really scary.” replied Jacques.

He opened the door and say him drinking coffee in while looking into papers.

– “You are not going to tell us how you escaped Kaychi, are you?” asked Sylvain.

– “Only if you explain me why didn’t you stop her.”

Both of them had a grin on their face.

– “You guys know that I know both of the answers, right?”

– “Shut-up, Jacques!” both of them yelled at him.



“Thinking that someone is weak because he is a comic relief will only bring you a bad time”

– Jacques




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