Black Pulse – Chapter 1

Police cars sirens were heard in the streets of the highest skyscraper of the city. A squad went inside the building where they found out that the security officer at the reception has been shot while his hand was on the phone

Without losing time, a squad enters the video surveillance room where was displayed four bodies at the 29th floor and 2 other security agents on the 19th floor who were severely hurt.

Inspector Amira

“It seems that they came at the wrong place. They must be new to the city.”

Another agent of the squad turns one of the bodies – there was one straight slash going through their eyes. The agents were shot but even though they lost a lot of blood, they were still breathing. The wound was black.

Inspector Joe

“I am glad we called for extra ambulances.”

“You are saying that because the ‘Black Pulse’ did everything for you.” answered Amira with sarcasm.

“Amira, we better take the bodies and leave. You would not want to land on him.” said Joe who help the agents to get up.

“Who knows, we might be able to get him tonight…”

The radio  on his shoulder turned on.

“Sir. There is one person who just call out of one of the doors at the back. He does not match our database just like the others. Most likely one of the criminals”

Joe responded

“Is he armed? Which door?”

“Just a pistol. Marshall Avenue, I already notified the squad.”

“Do no engage. I repeat, do not engage. Amira…” said Joe

When he looked back at her. She was gone.

“That idiot. Team let’s get everyone to the ambulance. Do not forget anything, we are not coming back until the morning.”

Rushing downstairs, she was at the street corner where the squad had cornered him within only a few minutes. It was raining heavily.

“What is the status?” asked Amira to one of the squad members.

“We got him surrounded in that alley. There is no way he is escaping. Are you sure that you want to take him in? Inspector Joe said..” The squad member was hesitant.

“Of course, stop being such a wimp. We need him alive, he must have seen him.” replied Amira.

The squad slowly approaches the target armed with shields. Other officers were stopping people to come through.

“Amira, can you hear me? Do not chase him. I repeat. Do no-”

“That information is crucial. He has to be protected from it.”

Amira turned off her radio.

A man ran out of the alley and bumped against the shields.

“You are the cops, right? Take me in! Save me!!” screamed the man.

“Fine. Are you ready to cooperate and tell us about everything?” asked Amira. She was getting greedy.

“YEAH! Everything, now, please, hurry!” shouted the man

“Even about ‘Black –”

She couldn’t say anymore, her vision got black and the pain was so strong that she yell from all guts. The squad members immediately turned back but each of them lost a limb without even realizing what was happening. All of them was in agony, crawling on the floor and trying to shoot at something that they did not even see coming.

– “Shit! What was that? Where did it come from?!”

– “My leg, that fucker cut my leg!”

The criminal was hiding in a corner, scared as there was no hope left for him.

“I will tell you what I told to your friends. I won’t kill you but I will slowly slice you every time you do something like that on my territory.”

“Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me..”. His back was against a garbage dump.  His pistol in hand, he was aiming at the shadows. A man with a black gas mask  and a sword on his back slowed walked from the shadows. Within a few second, his blade was on his cheek and slashed him.

“You never saw me and will never again. The next time I catch anyone on my territory or chasing my prey or even whisper what I look like. You won’t see me coming and neither will the people you love the most.”

While the rain was washing the streets of the blood.

Joe came towards the officers who were responsible for the block.

“Where are they?”

He walked a few meters and all he could see was a blood bath. They were not dead, not yet but all their wounds were black..

“Mother of…”


Meanwhile, in a mansion. A black lighting hit the back yard – it was a man in a black suit with silver hairs. He immediately took off a gauntlet and removed his mask. He was breathing heavily.

An old man walked towards him and slapped him. He then looked at his jacket

“You were shot.”

The butler of the house, an android, picked up the gauntlet. Black Pulse’s eye slowly turned back from black to it’s normal green.

“Master Du Lac, I would suggest that we leave Master Sylvain some rest. His readings indicated that he has been on the Pulse Mode for too long.”

“Do not worry, about that, Father, I made sure that there was no one else who saw him. Furthermore, the nanomites have already healed his wound..”

A young man talked through the gauntlet.

“Oh and would you mind explaining how he was shot?”

“I am still replaying the scene, being connected to the computer. It seemed that a sniper was waiting for him when the squad entered the building. He was eliminated immediately afterwards by our sniper.”

“I will explain this one more time for you, Jacques, you have to have your brother’s back. This is why you are connected to his gauntlet and all the city. He is on the front line. Kaychi is surely a remarkable sniper but if you are gonna rely on her, you will end up dead one day.”

“Understood, Father.” said both of them.

“I know that you are having it tough there, Sylvain but having your brain plugged to this machine is hard too.”

“If you have enough time for jokes, then you have time for another mission.”

‘Ehhh?” Jacques started to whine.


Sylvain opened up the documents when  he suddenly pulled his father behind him and took a bullet.


“Did you hear that?” asked Jacques.

“Exactly. No sound from the gun.” thought Black Pulse.

“Joseph, take Mr. Du Lac inside…” said Black Pulse as he put the gauntlet and mask back on.


“You sure have good reaction time.” said a voice behind him as he parried Black’s strike.

“So that’s the demon that every one was talking about. Honestly I am disappointed.” said the man

Black Pulse’s strike were all parried by his blade who was barely longer than a knife.

“You call yourself an assassin and yet all your moves are so predictable. Besides, what’s with that huge sword, you are so slow.”

“Sorry Sylvain, we won’t go into the Pulse Mode for a while. We just did it.” said Jacques who was communicating to Black Pulse’s brain by the gauntlet.

Black Pulse’s was parried once more and his punch blocked but let a small electric charge.

“Honestly, I came here but you are barely a challenge but yet…”

– “What’s happening to my body?” said the man as his vision was getting blurred.

– “Nano-mites transfer was successful. Well played Sylvain.” said Jacques.

– “What did you do to me? All I did was touch your glove.” The man looked back at his hand, “it couldn’t…”

He fell on the ground.

– “The one who was slow wasn’t me and the reason I carry this blade is heavier than you think.” said Black Pulse as he walked towards him.

– “Go ahead. Kill me, I won’t tell you anything.” The intruder swallowed a pill and laughed at Black Pulse’s defeat.

Black Pulse grabbed his collar.

– “If you are lucky, we will explain why you are still alive but for now, I hope that your assassin ass is ready.”

The intruder started to chuckle.

– Then let me explain something to you. How did you think I sniped you?”

A head rolled towards both of them. The android butler named Joseph was decapitated and out of the veranda, a lady with a rifle on her back came.

– “Looks like father was right to be suspicious of her.” said Jacques.


“I am not merely a killer but also a shield.  I will prevail”

– Black Pulse


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