Admen Peach

Since when did it stopped happening? Since when did having a “dream” come true become something to laugh about? As long as you get enough money to live and get what you usually want, I have not seen anyone who is willing to try harder.

– “Oy! Admen I heard you entered a comics competition.” said one of my classmate. He was at my desk while some other friends gathered as well.

School was already over, I had no plans to stay longer.

– “Sorry, Tony, I got to go home.” I replied while putting my history book in my bag when a paper slipped out of it.

My breathing got heavier as they picked it up.

– “Wow, it sucks.”

– “No wonder, he always sucked at drawing. I don’t see why he is trying so hard.”

It has always been here. This frustration that I will succeed…



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