Adelle – Chapter 3

We arrived at the beach – the first thing that Ryo and I after getting out of the car is run to the nearest bush to puke. That woman’s driving skills are horrible, I cannot we made it alive.

  • “The sea!!” yelled Adelle. She was popping her head out of the window of the back seat after a long nap.
  • “We need to check in at the hotel first then we can have some fun.” said Ayaka turning to Adelle.

We quickly reached in the hotel and we were received at the front desk  by an old lady.

  • “Oh! So, you are the kids that won the tickets. Well, it was supposed to be a family trip but I guess that a group is fine.” said the old lady looking for the keys, “If you could follow me, I will show you your rooms.

The old lady walked to the second floor and showed two rooms who were at the opposite to each other.

  • “The girls can have one and the guys can have one, I guess?” suggested the old lady, handling the key to Ayaka.
  • “Wait Wait Waaaaaaait!” I shouted, extending my arm and taking an exaggerated posture, “As her brother, I cannot think of anyone sleeping in the same bedroom as her and the-“

My face was suddenly grabbed and I was thrown one bedroom,

  • “When this pervert learn?” said Ayaka – she took Adelle with her.
  • “Thank you for the room” said Ryo as he bowed to the old lady. She did likewise and left.
  • “Alright boys, see you downstairs.” said Ayaka as she sneered at me.
  • “No!!!” I shouted, trying to run away to their door

Ryo grabbed me.

  • “You got to calm down, pervert. While you are thinking about your sister, we are at the sea on a hot summer. That means a lot of cute babes and…” said Ryo, with his eyes sparkling and his nose bleeding.
  • “The beach here is great but you should see the one that we have seen on ‘Île de la Reunion’ before moving here. “.” I added, “Also, don’t call me pervert, pervert!!”


Steam stepped  on the remote control and the gate shifted to another location.

  • “Steam, Look! That’s me!? Wait, why am I there?” Adelle was close to the gate and Steam was just next to her.

Adelle even came closer to the gate, she was curious about the fact that she was watching herself. Steam turned back to play with the remote and due to the size of the dog, it accidentally caused Adelle to  lose balance – She fell in the gate.




Adelle dived into the new world and felt her body changing and at the same time, Adelle, who was just changed in her swimsuit, saw a light coming.

  • “So, where did I put the sun lotion?” said Ayaka looking in her bag, “I cannot let your French baby skin get burnt.”

Through the eyes of her doppelganger, Adelle saw the new world

  • “Hyaaaaaaaaaa” screamed Adelle, staring at her body in a swimsuit.
  • “What’s the problem, Adelle?! Are the guys trying to peek?” said Ayaka, removing a baseball bat.
  • “What’s with these clothes?”
  • “You don’t like them?”
  • “That is not my question. By the way, Ayaka? Since when do you wear that kind of outfit?!” said Adelle being more and more scared, trying to hide her body. (She is confusing Ayaka with her butler).
  • “You are so mean.” said Ayaka getting closer with a perverted look. “Show your sister how much you grew up”
  • “Let me…”

Exits scene with a rose losing some petals

—————————————————————————————————– Dimension

Adelle woke up and realized that she was in a new world full of machines. Steam came closer to her while she was paralyzed with fear but the pet brought the chewed remote control to Adelle and sat in front of her. He waited to be pet.

–       “So, you are not going to eat me? I guess who would eat someone in these clothes. How did I end up like that?” asked Adelle, scared.

As she tried to touch Steam’s head, it jumps on Adelle to lick her face. A lady, dressed up in a male suit, came into the office and said:

–       “Milady, I think that we should go back to your studies…”

–       “Ayaka?!” said Adelle, happy to see her, she jumped to hug her, “I was lost for a while.”

–       “Milady, you should not call me by first name.” said the lady.

Misunderstanding the whole situation, Adelle winked at Ayaka.

–       “Okay.” *wink*, “I get it” *wink**wink*.

–       “Well,  we better get to your studies now.” Said the lady, adjusting her glasses.

–       “I wonder if they have cake here, I guess it must be a surprise they planned for me.” thought Adelle. She walked with a butler whom she thought was a person she knew.


Author’s Note: I know this is getting confusing but I don’t want to spoil the story at this point though so just bear with it.



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