Adelle – Chapter 2

Meanwhile, in far dimension – where I had no idea what was going on.

– “Milady, I heard from your private instructor that you had some remarkable marks.” said a young woman who was wearing a male suit. Although she had a male figure, she was actually the butler of the mansion.

– “Yes. Did my brother hear of it?” asked the little girl. She looked intensively at the lady.

– “Sorry, Your brother is really busy. I don’t think that he had time.” answered the lady.

The girl sulked.

  • “But if I may suggest, you might want to tell him, yourself, milady.” continued the lady.

Hearing these words, Adelle’s face brightened and jumped in her arms.

Back to earth, I just came back from the convenience store.

With the milk bottle in a plastic bag, I opened the gate in front of my house when I heard a voice across the street.

  • “Cedric! Good Morning.” shouted a young as he ran towards me.
  • “Oh! Ryo. You came to play video games?” I asked as I closed the gate behind him.
  • “Wrap up the video games! We are going to the beach!” said Ryo, putting his arm around my neck.
  • “Beach? It is almost 1. Don’t be silly,” I answered while opening the door, it was way too late to go to the beach now.

I entered the house but Adelle came towards

  • “Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeach!!” yelled Adelle with sparkling eyes.
  • “Yes, my sister is going to drive us there.” said Ryo
  • “That woman?!” I thought for one instant, sweating cold.
  • “Cedric, let’s go!” said Adelle, jumping around.
  • “But by the time we get ready…” I said.

Adelle handed me a bag.

  • “I got you a new swimsuit…” said Adelle.
  • “You were prepared for it?!!” I yelled

I was a little bit happy, my little sister bought me a swimsuit but I had to hide it.

  • “So, are you ready, pervert?” asked a young lady at the fence who sneered at me.
  • “Who are you calling pervert!?” I shouted.
  • “Adelle, how is it going?” said the lady hugging Adelle.
  • “Ayaka. I am ready to go. Did you tell Cedric where we are staying?” asked Adelle
  • “Yeah. Before I forget, we are all staying overnight…” said the lady – Ayaka.
  • “Are you asking if we can or did you already took it?” I asked
  • “I already booked a hotel, we got it for free and now that we are in holidays, I can spend a lot of time with Adelle.” stated Ayaka.
  • “Wait a minute, Adelle is m-” I said when my face was grabbed.
  • “Yeah yeah, pervert…”

Cut Scene with my tears.

Alternate Universe

While she was walking in a giant mansion, she came across a giant closed door. She knocked at the door and entered it without waiting for an answer.

– “Cedric? Can I come in?” asked the little sister.

– “Oh! Adelle, how are you doing? Sorry, I am in the middle of some papers right now…” said the young man, adjusting his glasses. He wore the same type of clothes as Adelle but in a more masculine way. His office desk was in the middle of four arcs made of steel and electric wires.

– “I just came to say Hi…” said Adelle.

– “Oh? Hi then! If you will excuse me, I have to attend a meeting. Someone has been trying to sneak into the factory again,

From his seat, he took a remote a dialed the coordinates of his destination which was instantly charging up with energy and generating a thin layer in which they could see the place their destination – it was a portal.

– “Well, I know that you are bored after coming out of the Engineering class.” said Cedric as he was about to leave.

He threw the remote at her.

– “You can have fun in my office but don’t go anywhere…” added Cedric who put her hands on her head.

The pressured built up in Adelle and arrived at the boiling point. She exploded and shouted.

-”I don’t need your help or anything! It’s already painful since I rarely can see you.”

She kicked Cedric into the portal who flew into it – he must barely made it alive.

The portal closed up and Adelle sat at his brother’s desk – she opened a huge book.

– “Well, let’s see what I can do from his phone book.”

While going through his book, she noticed a small paper sticking out of the borders. She turns at that page in which was handwritten – “Interstellar Records.”

– “Oh!! He even got interstellar records. I heard about it in class. It brings you to other dimensions”

She dialed on the remote the coordinates written and the arch on the right turned on and he saw a squid trying to get out.

– “OFF! OFF!” she shouted as the portal closed, “Guess that I should have read more about it first.”

– “Earth? How come only this one has a name? The others are all numbers.” said Adelle to herself.

Nothing was coming out this time. Rather than that, a blue light came out of it.

Adelle got closer to the gate that was emitting blue light and saw a beach.

  • “I have never seen anything like that . It is so colorful.” said Adelle with sparkling eye.
  • “Steam, come.” added Adelle

The dog was half organic and half bionic. Although it had a lot of mechanical parts, it was the same cute pet to Adelle.


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