Adelle – Chapter 1

Illustration by ShaeHY


Before I start the story, let me tell you that this is one of the stories that I had the most fun writing because I laughing so much while writing it. I hope you will share my feelings. Also, if you find any grammatical mistakes, let me know! 😀


I woke up in the middle of the day and walked into the living room, half awake, where my little sister was lying on the couch. She was watching the television while eating some snacks. Long hairs which were tied as a twin tail, she was wearing a pyjama. I could see that she was already in the school break mood.

– “Shouldn’t you eat your breakfast already?” I asked her while taking the milk out of the refrigerator and yawned.

The summer has just started and it was already burning hot inside the house. I can’t believe that we have to live all these months without A.C, again. I was hoping that the milk would cool me down.

– “I was waiting for you to have lunch.” said my sister, Adelle without moving her eyes from the screen, “By the way…”

While I chugged down the milk that I have poured in a glass, she added.

– “…Mom is asking you to replace the expired milk…”

I puked everything down the sink.

– “Is it a little bit late to be saying that?” I shouted

– “I tried… ” exclaimed by sister.

– “Geez, anyway, what’s the plan for this summer?” I asked after drinking some water.

– “What do you mean”? said my sister as she turned back.

– “B-But, we always spend summer together, right? I asked anxiously.

I came closer to her when she pulled out a poster.

– “Remember, last year?”

I stared at the paper in despair – I was having cold sweat just by looking at it.

– “Well, we did go to a convention last year…” I said.

She nodded.

– “You were cosplaying some kind of magical girl…” I added

She continued to nod.

– “… and I cross-dressed as her master…” I added.

I was glooming on my hands and knees about the idea of redoing it. Cross-dressing meant that I was wearing the costume of a characters of an opposite gender. Yes, would do anything for my sister. This is because we were always together; from the kindergarten to now, we have always went to the same school and had the same friends. However society has decided to label this kind of behavior as a sister-complex.


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