Simphonia Side Tales

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons and it has really helped with my problem. I love writing adventures but unfortunately I am neither good at it nor do I have time now that I am trying to ‘adult’. However when playing D&D, I was able to socialize (God knows I need to do it) and I get to write adventures.

I am going to be trying to write a weekly side tales of Simphonia – it is the world where my D&D campaign is taking place. There is a lot of name drop which is why I love D&D so much is that it is okay to take other’s content but as a writer, you would need to credit the proper sources which I will be doing in my weekly writing.

There are no main characters at the moment. My players are goofing around with inside jokes and I have only partially finished the world building aspects. It will be in a non-linear timeline.

Overall, it is a way to get back to writing and spend it on world building for my D&D campaign. Two birds in one stone!

Some stories might be NSFW. Haven’t decided yet.

The artist for this image is Odin. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter by the username @studio_odin



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