Month: September 2015

Just a thought about a new story

There is someone who can travel in-between dimensions. Such a way that he can see and interact but the others can’t see him however can touch him.
They can also see him through a mirror only
The technology that allows him to do that comes from another race that got destroyed.
He spends his days doing pranks. Starting wars.
He fell in love of a human who stole part of her power. She was hoping to find another dimension where her parents are still alive and she isn’t.
Still not sure..

September Update

Havent updated for a while since I know that no one is actually reading anything…

I took drawing classes and so far, my progress have been nothing but miserable and I can only blame myself – trying to balance work, studies and the gym. Another thing is that I should probably hit the books. Aside from hardware and networking books, I have not read much lately.

I tried cutting the gym off but that made me gain 10 pounds. I was so surprised.