The house was in a mess – the Christmas tree was still in the living room even though it was spring and on the couch was laying a man who was sleeping with a little kid on the top of him.

The alarm turned on and was buzzing loudly.

“Time to get up sweetie.”

The father, trying to be a responsible adult, woke up and lifted her daughter who is half asleep.

“5 minutes…”

She rubbed her small face tried to hide her face with her hands.

Without any effort, she was lifted to the bathroom and was given her toothbrush

“Come on. Get ready”

A small creaking noise was heard.

“Excuse me. Is there anyone inside?”

The father peeked outside through the planks of wood that were fixed on the window.

“I need help.”

It was a young woman.

Out of her shadows, a few men appeared.

“Daddy. What’s happening?”

The young girl walked to his dad while rubbing her eyes.

“Come here, princess. Just don’t talk too loud, okay?”


The three men behind the woman were worn out but something stood out. They had black spots on their bodies. They were no longer living humans but ghouls.

The young father grabbed his daughter’s hand; without any weapons, he could only save one of them but was there anything else he could do?


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