Anthology 1

“You often think when writing of the quick fox and the lazy dog and I have really no clue if I’m the only…”

– “I don’t think it makes a good start for a book, what do you think?” asked a young man to his dog who was laying down next to his master.

It left a fart out.

– “worth a million words I guess…” Says the man to himself.

He wraps the page that he just wrote in a ball and threw it to the dust bin after trying to mimic a basketball player. The paper rolled around the corner and was about to fill right in when his pet grabbed it and with its mouth full of saliva, brought it back to his master.

– “I don’t know if you are just playing around with me or maybe if you want me to play around with you. Come here”

The young man left his desk and walked out with his dog’s favourite frisbee.

You can work most your lifetime but everyone should know for your pet, you are everything in its life.

Thank you, Stitch.


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