Month: January 2015


A wounded man dropped his sword, reaching over to the body of his friend who has died during the fight between the two neighbouring villages.

Over the hundreds that died in the battle field, he is only hoping to make it out alive. With a broken arrow in the shoulder and deep cuts over his torso, he headed towards his house only to see a young boy who has been killed. He was one of his friend.

Buried in the sheets  that he was carrying was a little thing desperately trying to make its way out. Curious, the man unfolded the sheets and revealed a puppy who didn’t even bark. It’s mouth was moving and tail was curled – the creature was shivering. It tried to bark but nothing came out.

– “Lucky you. He died protecting a mute dog.”

The puppy licked the wounds of his master’s corpse.

– “Stop. He won’t wake up.”

The man got up and stepped away but the puppy bit his pants, trying to pull him back.

– “I told you, he is not waking up.”

He pulled his leg strongly forward and let out a sigh. Even though his wounds are taking a toll on his body, the puppy’s attempt to pull him back failed.

After looking all over the village that is now in fumes, he sees an army in the horizon heading north to Phlan



The house was in a mess – the Christmas tree was still in the living room even though it was spring and on the couch was laying a man who was sleeping with a little kid on the top of him.

The alarm turned on and was buzzing loudly.

“Time to get up sweetie.”

The father, trying to be a responsible adult, woke up and lifted her daughter who is half asleep.

“5 minutes…”

She rubbed her small face tried to hide her face with her hands.

Without any effort, she was lifted to the bathroom and was given her toothbrush

“Come on. Get ready”

A small creaking noise was heard.

“Excuse me. Is there anyone inside?”

The father peeked outside through the planks of wood that were fixed on the window.

“I need help.”

It was a young woman.

Out of her shadows, a few men appeared.

“Daddy. What’s happening?”

The young girl walked to his dad while rubbing her eyes.

“Come here, princess. Just don’t talk too loud, okay?”


The three men behind the woman were worn out but something stood out. They had black spots on their bodies. They were no longer living humans but ghouls.

The young father grabbed his daughter’s hand; without any weapons, he could only save one of them but was there anything else he could do?


“A dark hero, a lonesome character which is strong. The main hero was…”

“That does not sound right…”

A young man in jersey adjusted his glasses and looked back at his sheet of papers.

“This script sounds right to me.”

Another man, not much older than him, stole the script out of his hands.

“Look Cedric, writing a story with a dark hero is not uncommon but you cannot expect too much cliche in it.”

Cedric look at another sheet in which was drawn a character in black.

“B-But I even drew a character sheet. Also, don’t you know my motto, Julien?”

“Don’t expect me to talk about cliche with you. I am here to help you out with your webcomic. Moreover, why did you put pointy ears on your dark hero? On the top of that he has a black cap?!”

Julien was getting quite pumped up by the conversation.

The clients of the cafe in which they were, were staring at them. It was not everyday that people would bring work there and have them all over the table.

“What about a red cape? With his symbol on this chest, the symbol of h-”

Julien cut off Cedric.

“Stop! What are you Gintama? Saying these things out loud?”

A waitress came by their table.

“Excuse me guys, would you mind keep it low, please? You are disturbing the other customers.”

“Sorry, Julien gets worked up easily.” replied Cedric, laughing nervously.

Anthology 1

“You often think when writing of the quick fox and the lazy dog and I have really no clue if I’m the only…”

– “I don’t think it makes a good start for a book, what do you think?” asked a young man to his dog who was laying down next to his master.

It left a fart out.

– “worth a million words I guess…” Says the man to himself.

He wraps the page that he just wrote in a ball and threw it to the dust bin after trying to mimic a basketball player. The paper rolled around the corner and was about to fill right in when his pet grabbed it and with its mouth full of saliva, brought it back to his master.

– “I don’t know if you are just playing around with me or maybe if you want me to play around with you. Come here”

The young man left his desk and walked out with his dog’s favourite frisbee.

You can work most your lifetime but everyone should know for your pet, you are everything in its life.

Thank you, Stitch.