Turning my stories into comics: Yay or Nay?

Here it is, the first chapter of Black Pulse. Honestly, I have written this chapter around 4 times from scratch in the last years. I can never be satisfied of it. For now, all it needs is a little polish and most likely, grammar revising.

I don’t know yet what I am going to do of the “Demon Of Burnaby” since for me, this series a mess-up of a lot of things that I like. I am proud of it to be in my writing universe but yet this the story is the root of this Universe.Sei Sukkaux is the root of this universe and being the point of origin, he deserves an epic story and I dont know yet if it is a good place to post spoilers here even though it is so tempting.

I have thought of writing more often lately since I have finally secured a full time job but it is quite demanding and I only get a couple of hours every day and maybe only the week-end to write. I have also wondered if there is actually somebody reading this page and if there is at least one person, I want to ask you this:

Are my stories worth turning into comics?


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