Month: June 2014

Timeline of Stories

I have been thinking of a lot of stories before even starting to write online. Here is the sequence in which, it happened, in the same timeline :

1. Adelle & Demon Of Burnaby
2. BT13
3. Black Pulse
4. Rustre 2039
6. Dreams of the Dead

I have been thinking to post a chapter a day but most likely, I will post everything I have, after figuring out how to link chapters together on WordPress.



First of all, let me say that I am a pretty lazy writer. It has been years I have been trying to come up with an idea for a site where I would be able to post my works in order to attract possible illustrators for my stories but with school and me trying to find a job, I just postponed it.

The reason I finally got time for this site is simple – I’m done with school. After years of studying computers, which I didn’t want to, I got my diploma and I am looking for a job right now to survive – Let’s face it, no one can live the dream life of doing whatever they want unless they have money. Anyways, while looking for jobs, I will be using my free time to come up with short stories since it is what I want to do as living, (not computers – thanks, Mom and Dad!).

P.S. The reason I cannot draw is probably because I do not have the patience BUT I keep trying and it is still horrible. Hopefully I will get there someday


Edit: Illustration of me by ShaeHY