Simphonia Side Tales

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons and it has really helped with my problem. I love writing adventures but unfortunately I am neither good at it nor do I have time now that I am trying to ‘adult’. However when playing D&D, I was able to socialize (God knows I need to do it) and I get to write adventures.

I am going to be trying to write a weekly side tales of Simphonia – it is the world where my D&D campaign is taking place. There is a lot of name drop which is why I love D&D so much is that it is okay to take other’s content but as a writer, you would need to credit the proper sources which I will be doing in my weekly writing.

There are no main characters at the moment. My players are goofing around with inside jokes and I have only partially finished the world building aspects. It will be in a non-linear timeline.

Overall, it is a way to get back to writing and spend it on world building for my D&D campaign. Two birds in one stone!

Some stories might be NSFW. Haven’t decided yet.

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The leviathan

I took this story from a reddit post that inspired me. You might not want to read it to save yourself from spoilers. I am not really following it, just the idea.



The ‘tattooed’ Dralux was one of the strongest tribe of Simphonia. Its warriors followed neither religion nor the law of the Kingdoms, just the law of the strongest. Their leader, Movoi Thenalamune, a Goliath whose intelligence only matches his height. Towering at 8 meters and over 300 pounds, he wields his trident with brutal strength.  The Dralux was the tribe of his father and forefathers but even though they were strong and cunning but not magic proficient.

His brutal strength and speed had no match and even the druids of the tribe could not defeat him.

The warriors have been employed as mercenaries and were looting the noble’s quarters. The corpses of the noble family were being put on display at the entrance by the baron. His coupe worked perfectly and he is expected to be the new King.

  • “The people of Sembia needs a ruler. Without them, our empire is on the brink of invasion. Comyr will pay for what it has done to our people!”

The crowd cheered on the burning corpse of the royal family.

  • “Do not worry. I am a descent of the dragon too and contrary to my brother, I will not succumb to weakness. Death to Cormyr!”

The crowd cheered loudly and chanted with their new leader: “Death to Cormyr!”

The new ruler turns back to the Goliath sitting on his throne. The warriors were looting the castle.

  • “I said you could take a few trophies but not everything!”, the man shouts as he steps closer to the throne.

Movoi was drinking and his guards let the man closer. Two of his guard followed him but are stopped.

  • “Don’t worry. The throne will still be there, we have no interest in your paintings and sculptures. We are only here for the gems.” says Movoi as he keeps drinking.
  • “But that was not part of the deal!!” screams Movoi as more of his guards enters the room.

Movoi grabs onto the man, “You have made a powerful ally, Garon and you had to ruin it.” He throws the new ruler onto his guards and leaps in the middle of them with his trident, swung it like a staff and knocked half of them against the wall, their armor dented with their trident. They were knocked unconscious. His bear tattoo glowed as he grabs onto the one of the remaining guard by the head from the skull above and crushes his skull above Garon.

  • “I will let you live this time, Garon but I will be taking her with me.”

Garon gets rid of the blood on his face and pleads Movoi to stop but Movoi kept moving.



It has been 5 years since the siege of Sembia and although they are still at war, Garon gave up find his daughter, Ecatarina who is now married to Movoi. Contrary to the brute that Garon thought him to be, he was in love with her and she was also one of the strongest spellcaster for her age. Their new lineage should have given a strong fighter and spellcaster but to Movoi’s surprise, she was born with a different tattoo than anyone in the tribe – the one of a leviathan.

The tribe’s sage demanded the baby to be killed but Movoi would not allow it.

  • “Bring everyone in Dralux against her and I will crush everyone of them.”
  • “You would kill your own brother and sisters for her.”

Movoi nudges in silence. The cave that they were in was full of druid. If they all attacked the chief who was unarmed, they had some chances. They hesitated.

  • “Such bond.” said the oldest sage, “I would not sped any blood in this sanctuary if I were you.”
  • Kashiita. Thank you.” answered Movoi.
  • “This man has fought on the front line with his man for Dralux and had brought nothing but strength to our tribe. We are more than nomads thanks to him.”
  • “Agreed but the prophecy.”
  • “Screw the prophecy.”

The elders gasped at Kashiita’s choice of word.

  • “I am old enough to have seen 3 generations of Draluxians die and bury them myself but I have faith in Movoi.”
  • “You may have faith in him but not us, sister.” says another elder, “where is she right now?”
  • “I will reveal her location once we adjourn this meeting. You have my word.” says Movoi on his knees.
  • “What about a seal?” says a fellow elder.
  • “We have no wizard among us and it generally never ends well but if we teach her how to use her strength. She might be our strongest weapon. ” says Kashiita.
  • “Against? We are a warrior tribe who likes fighting. Why should we need an overwhelmingly dangerous weapon?” asked an elder.
  • “Timat? Dieties? Didn’t Movoi’s father get sent to the nine hells for fighting the God of Malice?”
  • “Slaying gods? What next. do you want to slay death, Kashiita?”
  • “But she does bring a point, sister. Our people will one day grow tired of war if our tribe keeps growing and Movoi’s lineage is Darlux’s survival.”

The elders agreed in unison.

  • “But who will train her?”

Kashiita stepped towards Movoi and put her hand on his shoulder. As he rises, she held onto his hand.

  • “Who else than our strongest warrior and smartest spellcaster?





The Fake Hydra

A party of adventurers reach the  high road of Evening Star. The town has been under a heavy fog recently. The fog was not unusual but it was at the start of spring. The party had came into town after they got word that the goblin and the tiefling they were after have been spotted around.

  • “How much for you to tend to my horse while I am gone?” asked Udrik, a tiefling warlock while he feeds his pseudodragon.
  • “3 cp. That will get them food and I will make sure they don’t get too dirty.” answered the stable-boy.
  • “3 gp? Isn’t that a bit much?”
  • “Pardon?”
  • “It’s copper pieces.” a young man joins the conversation as he remove the saddle from his horse and pays the young man, “And be sure to feed him well.”

He flashed his Cheshire smile and fixed his clothing and then his hair. He took out his spell book and mace from his saddle and fixed it to his belt. He glanced at his polished shield and put it on his back. He was a heavily armed cleric.

  • “Now where did Kylantha go?” he asked himself

He spotted his prey on the other side of the stable heading to the nearest inn. He fog was quite thick, better not lose them.

  • “Dammit Emrys, don’t horde her!” he shouts.

He runs after them soon followed by his tiefling friend.

  • “Talon is not with you?” asked Udrik.
  • “Nature called him again. It’s the eleventh time since we left Talonia.” answered the high elf with golden hair wearing a tunic. She points out behind the stable.
  • “Dude. Not in the middle of the town. We are going to get kicked out for sure.” adds the cleric.
  • “Let him be. I am sure we can manage him for now. I am going to book a rooms for us. ” says the other high elf, she had white hair and was wearing a green robe.
  • “I did not know you wanted to head to bed so early, darling. We could wait until the others are asleep.” said the cleric while sipping onto his flask.

Keylantha ignored her and headed towards the inn while the cleric was dragged by Emrys.

  • “Come on, Sam. Let’s go to the Tavern.”
  • “Excellent, my flask needed a refill.”

While walking throughout the tiny town of Evening Star, a soldier who was midconversation with a farmer paused and looked at them.

  • “Are you folks lost?”
  • “We are just travelling. Looking for a tavern.”
  • “You folks looked heavily armed for a drink.”
  • “Oh that?” Emrys panicked. She did not know how to deal with strangers and immediately panicked. She took out her staff from her back which caused the guard to step back, “This is just for self defense. We are here to…. hmmm find someone.”
  • “Self defense? You look more like adventurers to me.”
  • “You could say that. I am more of a free soul myself.”
  • “Free what? You folks seem new to this province. I would suggest you to register with the local Lord. We are currently at war against…”
  • “Oh we have heard of it. We don’t want any trouble.” interrupts Samuel, “Where can we find him?”

Samuel was drunk but it was barely noticeable. The guards gesters at the end of the high road.

  • “You should find a manor there. It takes less than 10 minutes by foot.”
  • “We will be on our way.” adds Udrik

As they walk away, they see the guard keeping an eye on Udrik.

  • “Folks around here don’t seem to fond of Tieflings either.” says Udrik as he takes out his invisibility cloak as soon as they are out of sight.

After a few minutes, they reach a tavern called “The Welcoming Hand” which has a giant hand on it where the name was written.

  • “Wouldn’t hurt if we took a drink before we get to the Lord.” says Samuel as he happily scurried to the tavern.

He walked 5 feet when a body flew out of the Tavern’s door. A cultist fell prone onto the ground chin first.

  • “Cult of the Dragon scum, get out my town before I get really angry.”

A woman stands at the door way, looking at the cultist trying to get up and fumbling back down. Samuels eyes the lady quickly and tries to trip the cultist but slips slight. No one noticed. The cultist runs quickly through the fog. Our adventurers looks back at the woman and sees her chugging down a mug of ale. A wing cat leapt onto her shoulder.

  • “Your town?” whispered Emrys.
  • “And who are you?” asked the woman.
  • “Just adventurers, passing by. We are meeting a friend.” says Samuel, “My name is Samuel and what is the name?”

She peers at them from the stairs and by her appearance, Emrys mumbles the same things that she says out loud.

  • “Terasaril Winter, Lord of Evening Star.” and after a slight bow she adds, “and what brings you here, adventurers?”

Just a thought about a new story

There is someone who can travel in-between dimensions. Such a way that he can see and interact but the others can’t see him however can touch him.
They can also see him through a mirror only
The technology that allows him to do that comes from another race that got destroyed.
He spends his days doing pranks. Starting wars.
He fell in love of a human who stole part of her power. She was hoping to find another dimension where her parents are still alive and she isn’t.
Still not sure..

September Update

Havent updated for a while since I know that no one is actually reading anything…

I took drawing classes and so far, my progress have been nothing but miserable and I can only blame myself – trying to balance work, studies and the gym. Another thing is that I should probably hit the books. Aside from hardware and networking books, I have not read much lately.

I tried cutting the gym off but that made me gain 10 pounds. I was so surprised.


A wounded man dropped his sword, reaching over to the body of his friend who has died during the fight between the two neighbouring villages.

Over the hundreds that died in the battle field, he is only hoping to make it out alive. With a broken arrow in the shoulder and deep cuts over his torso, he headed towards his house only to see a young boy who has been killed. He was one of his friend.

Buried in the sheets  that he was carrying was a little thing desperately trying to make its way out. Curious, the man unfolded the sheets and revealed a puppy who didn’t even bark. It’s mouth was moving and tail was curled – the creature was shivering. It tried to bark but nothing came out.

– “Lucky you. He died protecting a mute dog.”

The puppy licked the wounds of his master’s corpse.

– “Stop. He won’t wake up.”

The man got up and stepped away but the puppy bit his pants, trying to pull him back.

– “I told you, he is not waking up.”

He pulled his leg strongly forward and let out a sigh. Even though his wounds are taking a toll on his body, the puppy’s attempt to pull him back failed.

After looking all over the village that is now in fumes, he sees an army in the horizon heading north to Phlan


The house was in a mess – the Christmas tree was still in the living room even though it was spring and on the couch was laying a man who was sleeping with a little kid on the top of him.

The alarm turned on and was buzzing loudly.

“Time to get up sweetie.”

The father, trying to be a responsible adult, woke up and lifted her daughter who is half asleep.

“5 minutes…”

She rubbed her small face tried to hide her face with her hands.

Without any effort, she was lifted to the bathroom and was given her toothbrush

“Come on. Get ready”

A small creaking noise was heard.

“Excuse me. Is there anyone inside?”

The father peeked outside through the planks of wood that were fixed on the window.

“I need help.”

It was a young woman.

Out of her shadows, a few men appeared.

“Daddy. What’s happening?”

The young girl walked to his dad while rubbing her eyes.

“Come here, princess. Just don’t talk too loud, okay?”


The three men behind the woman were worn out but something stood out. They had black spots on their bodies. They were no longer living humans but ghouls.

The young father grabbed his daughter’s hand; without any weapons, he could only save one of them but was there anything else he could do?


“A dark hero, a lonesome character which is strong. The main hero was…”

“That does not sound right…”

A young man in jersey adjusted his glasses and looked back at his sheet of papers.

“This script sounds right to me.”

Another man, not much older than him, stole the script out of his hands.

“Look Cedric, writing a story with a dark hero is not uncommon but you cannot expect too much cliche in it.”

Cedric look at another sheet in which was drawn a character in black.

“B-But I even drew a character sheet. Also, don’t you know my motto, Julien?”

“Don’t expect me to talk about cliche with you. I am here to help you out with your webcomic. Moreover, why did you put pointy ears on your dark hero? On the top of that he has a black cap?!”

Julien was getting quite pumped up by the conversation.

The clients of the cafe in which they were, were staring at them. It was not everyday that people would bring work there and have them all over the table.

“What about a red cape? With his symbol on this chest, the symbol of h-”

Julien cut off Cedric.

“Stop! What are you Gintama? Saying these things out loud?”

A waitress came by their table.

“Excuse me guys, would you mind keep it low, please? You are disturbing the other customers.”

“Sorry, Julien gets worked up easily.” replied Cedric, laughing nervously.

Anthology 1

“You often think when writing of the quick fox and the lazy dog and I have really no clue if I’m the only…”

– “I don’t think it makes a good start for a book, what do you think?” asked a young man to his dog who was laying down next to his master.

It left a fart out.

– “worth a million words I guess…” Says the man to himself.

He wraps the page that he just wrote in a ball and threw it to the dust bin after trying to mimic a basketball player. The paper rolled around the corner and was about to fill right in when his pet grabbed it and with its mouth full of saliva, brought it back to his master.

– “I don’t know if you are just playing around with me or maybe if you want me to play around with you. Come here”

The young man left his desk and walked out with his dog’s favourite frisbee.

You can work most your lifetime but everyone should know for your pet, you are everything in its life.

Thank you, Stitch.

New Story

I probably get more ideas that I should write or read and that may be because writing is just my way of making sure I sealing my feelings and emotions deep inside of me – not so that they can haunt me but rather so that I will be able to face them one day.

I use to think that being always positive will only help you to move on in life but the true is that it never helps. You need to balance the negativity and the positivity to become realist. There are some things never attainable while it’s impossible to change people, it’s not impossible for people to change.